Cool Butts

I thought this was a funny sight – just a guy’s hand with a hose cooling off these two polo ponies after they were done with their match.

If you didn’t know this already each polo player has a set of 4 horses to be used in a match which consists of 4 chukkas or quarters.  The horses get tired by the end of their chukka so they need to get swapped out for a replacement.  It’s definitely not an economical sport.


I call this one “Listen” obviously because ears are for listening but I also like to use it as a bit of a reminder to listen for the details in the world.  I try to notice the small things that are just as amazing as the big things.  It’s easy to stop listening because of all the noise and distraction.

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On my daughter’s 12th birthday we took her and a few friends to the Chickadee Ridge Miniature Horse Farm.  It is a “Field of Dreams” where “every young girls’ dreams can come true”.  It was a great day and we saw almost a creepy number of miniature horses in one place.  It’s funny how no matter what the animal, if you put them in a big pile or a large group they turn into a creepy mass of creatures.  One bat is o.k. but 1000 bats gets gross.  Guinea pigs are cute, but a pile of guinea pigs is weird.  Thousands of locusts in a swarm are far more imposing than a single cricket.  Anyways I think you get my point.

This picture is a cute one of a mini foal that got his head caught in the fence while scratching his neck.  For those of you horse lovers out there, he did manage to get his head out.

Winter Day – Two Horses Seek Protection

I am so happy I stopped.  We were on our way to Kamloops and it started snowing.  We drove past these two horses seeking some shelter beside this old barn and I asked my wife if we should stop and she said “of course, if we don’t you’ll be sorry”.

Winter Day


I think the color of the horses complements the colors in the barn wood perfectly.