On my daughter’s 12th birthday we took her and a few friends to the Chickadee Ridge Miniature Horse Farm.  It is a “Field of Dreams” where “every young girls’ dreams can come true”.  It was a great day and we saw almost a creepy number of miniature horses in one place.  It’s funny how no matter what the animal, if you put them in a big pile or a large group they turn into a creepy mass of creatures.  One bat is o.k. but 1000 bats gets gross.  Guinea pigs are cute, but a pile of guinea pigs is weird.  Thousands of locusts in a swarm are far more imposing than a single cricket.  Anyways I think you get my point.

This picture is a cute one of a mini foal that got his head caught in the fence while scratching his neck.  For those of you horse lovers out there, he did manage to get his head out.