Old Faithful

Although Old Faithful is pretty reliable the lighting is not always what you are hoping for.  I sat with my daughter and waited for Old Faithful to erupt with the sky completely clouded over threatening to rain and totally flat light.  I decided to put on a neutral density filter to allow for a longer exposure time to see if the water would look cooler “in motion”.  Then to my surprise a beam of light shone through the clouds onto the geyser and lighted it just at the right time.

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F-18 Near Supersonic with Vapor Forming on Wings

I’ve lived fairly close to Abottsford, BC for about 10 years and I have never attended the annual airshow.  I finally made it this past summer with my son and got a couple of great airplane shots.  This is one of my favorites from that day.   Although it was cloudy for the whole day and we even got a bit of rain it made it possible to get a shot like this without losing the details in the shadows.

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Montgomery Park Atrium – Portland Oregon

I was down to Portland, Oregon for a class a couple of years ago that took place in the old Montgomery Park building near the downtown.  During my lunch hours I spent a fair bit of time taking pictures around the building.  This one is from the atrium looking up towards the south tower through the rain drenched windows.  It seems like a really depressing picture but I really like it.

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I know a picture focusing on a garbage can isn’t immediately what you might think of as a nice shot but I think this one works.  The can is clean and I love the contrast of the white posts against the dark lake and hills in the background.

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It took me awhile to catch this butterfly in focus with such a narrow depth of field against the backdrop of Magic Sands Beach on the island of Hawaii.  Magic Sands is an interesting beach because the sand disappears from it in the winter and returns to it later in the spring.

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This photo was posted on 1x.com, a great photography website, here.  Photos are screened and only posted if they pass screening.  I haven’t been able to get another one posted yet.  It’s probably about time I tried again.




I took this picture looking straight up as a Westjet (way to go) 737 flew over the orchard near our house.  I like the orientation this way because it makes it look like the aircraft is diving towards the ground and makes you take a second look at it.   I also love the contrast of the clouds against the sky.

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Henry Singer – The Old Machine That Will Not Die

I love this shot of my Grandma’s old Henry Singer sewing machine.  The intricate detail on the metal parts would never be found today on a machine for the home.  Can you imagine your lawn mower with shiny silver etching or gold colored embossing on your toaster oven these days.  There was something artistic about the way things were made in the past.

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By the way, does anyone know where you can buy a new belt for a machine like this?  Mine has turned brittle.



Mountain Goat Mother and Kid

This shot was taken in British Columbia’s Cathedral Provincial Park in July.  These goats were just two of herd of about ten.  They were eating the snow to get water.

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I like the lighting of this shot.  The sun was streaming through a hole in the clouds which was shining only onto the patch of snow resulting in the high contrast between the rocky background and the snow.