Otis the Goatis – Portrait of a Melancholy Ungulate

I have rarely been able to take a good portrait style photo of a person.  I don’t seem to be able to get the subject to relax and it often ends being a little awkward.  Not awkward like Ralph Eugene Meatyard’s portraits, but you get the idea.  This (sad to say) is probably my best “portrait” that I have taken.  It’s something that I would like to work on.


It took me awhile to catch this butterfly in focus with such a narrow depth of field against the backdrop of Magic Sands Beach on the island of Hawaii.  Magic Sands is an interesting beach because the sand disappears from it in the winter and returns to it later in the spring.



This photo was posted on 1x.com, a great photography website, here.  Photos are screened and only posted if they pass screening.  I haven’t been able to get another one posted yet.  It’s probably about time I tried again.

Orangey Guy – My Late Orange Platty

I really liked the way the sun was filtering through the blinds and figured my bright orange platty would look great in one of our blue bubble glasses so I combined it all for this photo which would become a memorial shot of my deceased fish.  I hope his final trip down to the lake via the water treatment plant was a good one.

Orangey Guy


Note: no fish were harmed during the taking of this photo.  The death was a result of another incident at a later time.

Mountain Goat Mother and Kid

This shot was taken in British Columbia’s Cathedral Provincial Park in July.  These goats were just two of herd of about ten.  They were eating the snow to get water.

Mother and Kid


I like the lighting of this shot.  The sun was streaming through a hole in the clouds which was shining only onto the patch of snow resulting in the high contrast between the rocky background and the snow.