Cool Butts

I thought this was a funny sight – just a guy’s hand with a hose cooling off these two polo ponies after they were done with their match.

If you didn’t know this already each polo player has a set of 4 horses to be used in a match which consists of 4 chukkas or quarters.  The horses get tired by the end of their chukka so they need to get swapped out for a replacement.  It’s definitely not an economical sport.

Otis the Goatis – Portrait of a Melancholy Ungulate

I have rarely been able to take a good portrait style photo of a person.  I don’t seem to be able to get the subject to relax and it often ends being a little awkward.  Not awkward like Ralph Eugene Meatyard’s portraits, but you get the idea.  This (sad to say) is probably my best “portrait” that I have taken.  It’s something that I would like to work on.