Mail Slot

This is an old  photograph taken in Bordeaux, France in 1991.  Being from western Canada, where no buildings are more than about 50 years old, the old buildings and doors of Europe are of great interest to photograph.  This one was extra special because of the junk mail stuffed into the slot.

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Catamaran – Puerto Vallarta

When my wife and I went to Puerto Vallarta for our 15th wedding anniversary we got a great deal.  The only catch was our return flight left at 2:00 am so we had a lot of time to kill between checking out of the hotel and catching our flight.  It gave us time to watch a last sunset and I caught this shot during the sunset.

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I like this one in both the muted beige tones and in black and white.


Sacre Coeur

This is a photo I took a very long time ago when the medium of choice was film.  Thankfully there are scanners to allow these old film shots to be transferred to digital format.  I like the monochromatic color scheme of this one and the way the horizon fades to white.  If you look very closely you can just make out the Eiffel Tower on the horizon.

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