This is the front end of a 1936 (or so) Yellowstone White Model 706 tour bus that has been restored to tour people around the park.  The grill and bumper has a cartoon-like appearance and seems to be smiling (to me anyways).




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Grand Prismatic Spring

If you are ever visiting Yellowstone National Park you will likely see the Grand Prismatic Spring.  It must be one of the easiest things to get a good picture of.  God created the amazing artwork and you just have to take a picture of it.




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Great Fountain Geyser

If you have ever been to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming (and a little bit in Montana) I’m sure you have seen Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring.  Hidden off on a side road is a geyser called the Great Fountain Geyser.  It only erupts about every 12 hours and it is not very punctual.  It could erupt between say noon and 3 o’clock so many people just drive right on by.  My family and I decided to wait for it because we were told that it is spectacular.  After about 2 hours of waiting it finally started to erupt and we were not disappointed.  This is the eruption in early stages against a stormy sky.




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