This photo of a modern junk was taken from the bow of a rather large car ferry as it was bearing down on the sailboat.  My telephoto isn’t quite powerful enough to see the scared look on the sailors’ faces but I’m sure it was there.  Technically sailboats do have the right of way over powered vessels however when there is such a size difference I think the ferry in practical terms has the right of way.  With just a minute or less to spare the sailboat was able to make a quick loop to avoid getting hit.


I really like the red sails on this boat.  It’s not something you see on too many boats in Canada.

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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 Color Photographs, Photographs No Comments


When my wife and I were hiking in Cathedral Provincial Park I was soaking my toes in the lake to soothe the blisters a little and this is what I saw.  He didn’t catch anything while I was watching in case you’re wondering.




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Great Fountain Geyser

If you have ever been to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming (and a little bit in Montana) I’m sure you have seen Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring.  Hidden off on a side road is a geyser called the Great Fountain Geyser.  It only erupts about every 12 hours and it is not very punctual.  It could erupt between say noon and 3 o’clock so many people just drive right on by.  My family and I decided to wait for it because we were told that it is spectacular.  After about 2 hours of waiting it finally started to erupt and we were not disappointed.  This is the eruption in early stages against a stormy sky.




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Sailboat and Liftspan

I love the blues in this picture.  Take notice of the snow on the hills in the background.




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Five Boats – Salamanca, Spain

I took this shot while I was in Salamanca, Spain way back in 1991.  It was early spring so the boats hadn’t been cleaned out yet for the summer tourists to use.



Another View  of the Same Scene




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Rialto Beach

My family and I took a trip out to the Washington coast and ended up at Rialto Beach.  The sky was so amazing.  As usual the picture doesn’t do justice to the actual scene.






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