Apple Tree in Winter

Pretty spooky eh?  This shot was taken lying on my back under an apple tree in the winter once the leaves had fallen.  brrrr.  It makes me cold just thinking about it.


I like the sky in the background.

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First Time for Everything

Finally I am getting this website up and running after a month of decision making.  Who knew that there were so many website platforms and content management systems out there.  I ended up going with WordPress because of it’s nice photo gallery applications and it’s easy to use back end.

Since this website is to focus primarily on photography I guess I need to post a photo.  I will try and add all new photos to blog posts so that you can keep up to date on what is on the site.

This photo I took a couple of winters ago at a nearby orchard.  It seemed so strange for there still to be fruit on the trees while it was snowing.



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