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The Sails

My daughter had a volleyball practice outside at City Park on Sunday because the gym that they normally practice in was booked.  The rest of the fam dropped her off so we could walk around down at the lake since it was a beautiful evening.  These photos are of a very interesting sculpture that has been on the Kelowna waterfront for years.  It looks as if it has been recently painted.

Bunches of Tulips


As you can tell from this latest post, it is springtime in Kelowna.  It doesn’t get much better than sunshine, tulips and peach blossoms.


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Apple Orchard

I have lived in a region of Canada that grows a lot of apples for over 10 years now.  I often try to get a good photograph of an apple orchard and no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to get a great photo of one.  This one is alright.



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Montgomery Park #2

While eating lunch while taking a course at Montgomery Park in Portland Oregon I took photographs the first couple of days.  That is until Security told me that I was no longer to take photographs anywhere in or around the building in case I was planning a terrorist attack.  I really think we all need to lighten up a bit.



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On the Rail

I got kicked out of the house early one morning because my wife was having a bunch of  ladies over for coffee.  Luckily it was a frosty beautiful spring morning.  This is just one of the things I saw.



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The Dry Side

A few years ago when my family and I visited the big island of Hawaii this is a view that we say to the west of the island.  It is very dry because it is in the rain shadow of  Mauna Kea.  It amazes me that the east side of the island can be a tropical rain forest when this is what you see in the west – only about a 2 hour drive away.



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Mill Creek First Falls

This is a shot of the water entering the pool below the first falls at Mill Creek in Ellison.  If you live in the Kelowna area and have never been to this park in Ellison it is worth the trip.  It is a pretty easy walk to the first falls and then you can continue on to more falls, a reservoir, and a pretty deep canyon where you need to be more careful.




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What else could I really call this one?




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Sculpture Silhouette

I have sometimes asked myself if I take a photo of a sculpture or other artwork does it mean that my photo is not art rather just a record of someone’s artwork?  In this case I think it is alright since it shows the sculpture in a light that is rarely seen.





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Kelowna Riding Club

This is a photo of the freshly painted stalls at the Kelowna Riding Club in the spring.





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