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Two Types of Fishers

I like this shot because of the contrast between the “fishbird” and his simple equipment and technique and the fishermen and their methods.  My bets are on the bird for getting the biggest haul.  This photo was taken in the bay at Sayulita Mexico.





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Brook – (A River Runs Through It)

This creek in the valley in Montana where “A River Runs Through It” was filmed.  It is a beautiful area with plenty of trout fishing.





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Mexican Beetle

It is hard to take a bad photo of an original Volkswagen Beetle.  They have at least as much character as any other car out there.  I am probably influenced because I grew up in the era of  Herbie the Love Bug.  In fact one of my childhood memories is of actually seeing a bug painted in Herbie colors on the way home from seeing “Herbie Rides Again” in the theater in about 1975.  Now I’m just babbling…





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