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Some days you just don’t want to be recognized.


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The Fintry Queen – Dead Again

Unknown to most of the world there is a boat on Okanagan lake that began it’s life as a passenger ferry.  Once the bridge was built across the lake in 1958 the boat was decommissioned for the second time.  It was actually built in Vancouver as a barge but was subsequently cut in pieces and shipped to Kelowna to be resurrected as the passenger ferry.  In 1968 it was rebuilt as a passenger ship and then was converted to a dining boat / floating restaurant.  Since that time different companies have tried to make a business out of it but it has failed once again.  Long live the Fintry Queen!




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Akaka Falls – Hawaii

If you ever make it to the Big Island of Hawaii make sure you visit Akaka Falls.  We spent a day and drove around the island when we were staying in Kona and we were passing the turnoff to Akaka Falls right as the sun was starting to set.  It had been a long day so we nearly passed on the falls but made a last minute decision to stop.  It was definitely worth it.  It is a very beautiful falls that is over 400 feet tall.  Wow.





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