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Coffee Break

This photo I took in Europe back in 1991 but I don’t even remember what country it was in.  I think it was in France.  I guess it’s more about the person than about the location anyway.





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Follow the Leader

In 2006 my family and I went to Hawaii.  We stayed a couple of days at Waikiki beach and this was the scene the first night we were there.  It seems a bit strange that all of the boats seem to be in a line right along the horizon but it makes for an interesting photograph.





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King of the Castle

This is a shot of my favorite goat Otis.  He likes to feel important so he climbs to the top of this mountain (rock) to show off.



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Cool Butts

I thought this was a funny sight – just a guys hand with a hose cooling off these two polo ponies after they were done with their match.


If you didn’t know this already each polo player has a set of 4 horses to be used in a match which consists of 4 chukkas or quarters.  The horses get tired by the end of their chukka so they need to get swapped out for a replacement.  It’s definitely not an economical sport.

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P51-B Mustang

This shot was taken of the Mustang as it passed over the crowd at the Abbotsford Airshow in 2009.  Apparently you can tell the difference between the P51-B version and the others because of the small canopy that does not allow much visibility to the rear.  I’ll just have to trust the airshow commentators on that one.




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Mukilteo Lighthouse #2

This shot of the Mukilteo Lighthouse is from the waterside looking back towards the town.  The morning fog was just lifting to reveal the sun which made for some very unique lighting.


If you are ever in Washington near Everett, make sure that you visit Mukilteo and Whidbey Island.

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VW Bus

I seem to take a lot of photos of Volkswagens.  It’s not because I love them.  I think it’s just that most cars today have very little character so I am drawn to the few that have some.




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