Saved by Freeware

My family and I went away for Christmas Holidays and of course I took my camera with me to get some pictures of the nieces, nephews and whatever else I saw.  When I returned home to take the photos off of my camera I got the dreaded error “Card is corrupted, please reformat”.  Before I completely gave up hope I found this great piece of freeware called PhotoRec which totally saved the day.  I recovered all the files although I did have to rename them all to get them back in order.  Thanks PhotoRec.

Here is a photo from the drive home, just so this post isn’t so boring.



Rise of the Machine

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I had to get out of the house this morning due to a “Ladies Christmas Coffee” going on so I grabbed my camera and headed out.  This is not what I was planning on taking a picture of.  When I am driving and I see light like this I just have to stop.  I’m sure the driver of the equipment was wondering what the heck I was doing.