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Saved by Freeware

My family and I went away for Christmas Holidays and of course I took my camera with me to get some pictures of the nieces, nephews and whatever else I saw.  When I returned home to take the photos off of my camera I got the dreaded error “Card is corrupted, please reformat”.  Before I completely gave up hope I found this great piece of freeware called PhotoRec which totally saved the day.  I recovered all the files although I did have to rename them all to get them back in order.  Thanks PhotoRec.

Here is a photo from the drive home, just so this post isn’t so boring.



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Red Bridge

This is a picture of a very odd bridge known as “Red Bridge” near Keremeos, BC originally built in 1911 as a railway bridge but has since been converted to a vehicle bridge.  It’s odd because its sides are completely covered in.




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Monday, December 21st, 2009 Color Photographs, Photographs 1 Comment


In case you didn’t already know (why would you?) my wife is quite tall.  For her height (5’11”) she has very small feet (size 8).  All that to say that this is her footprint on a silvery log.




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When my wife and I were hiking in Cathedral Provincial Park I was soaking my toes in the lake to soothe the blisters a little and this is what I saw.  He didn’t catch anything while I was watching in case you’re wondering.




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Cattails on a Frosty Morning

I found these cattails (along with the machine) while out for a photo-drive this morning.  I really like the colors and the amazing lighting.







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Rise of the Machine



I had to get out of the house this morning due to a “Ladies Christmas Coffee” going on so I grabbed my camera and headed out.  This is not what I was planning on taking a picture of.  When I am driving and I see light like this I just have to stop.  I’m sure the driver of the equipment was wondering what the heck I was doing.

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Christmas Tree Hunt in the Fog



Our family has a tradition of going out into the forest in early December and finding a Christmas tree.  The day this one was taken was very foggy so it made for a surreal hunt but it was still very fun.



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Lamppost – City Park



Truth be told, I do not like winter as much as I used to.  I am starting to understand why so many retired people flee Canada for sunnier climates during the winter.  However it is a great time of year to take photos with the low sun, long shadows and strong contrast.



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Gellatly Nut Farm



This is a photo of the Gellatly Nut Farm near West Kelowna.  It is a great place to visit in the autumn whether you like nuts or not.



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This is the front end of a 1936 (or so) Yellowstone White Model 706 tour bus that has been restored to tour people around the park.  The grill and bumper has a cartoon-like appearance and seems to be smiling (to me anyways).




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